Kaya Street KitchenTraditional Flavors. Modern Techniques.

About Us

It started when we fell in love with the soulful street food scene of Southeast Asia (specifically Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia). Maybe it was the food vendors who dedicated decades of their live...s to serve and perfect one dish… or the no-frills colorful street carts and low plastic stools where you sit and bask in all the street noise… or maybe it was the bold, decadent and fresh blend of flavors to be savored with each bite... Whatever it was, we fell hard. And we were then driven to share those elements we fell for with everyone, focusing on the essence and craft of the flavorful food that we love. Our Street Roti Tacos, Fresh Lettuce Wraps, and delicious bowls provide our guests with flavors that are commonly experienced in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. We believe that you don’t need a silver spoon to eat great quality food. We spend the time to make our marinades, organic flour roti, sauces and dishes from scratch right at the restaurant. We believe in respectfully presenting the traditional flavors of S.E. Asia through innovative means, modern cooking techniques and the best ingredients.
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26731 Aliso Creek Rd Ste A
Aliso Viejo CA, 92656
(949) 415-7773